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Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Samsung Chromebook Plus Gets Linux apps - Chrome Story

"Project Crostini or Linux Apps was a Pixelbook only thing. Looks like this is changing. According to a Redditor, the Samsung Chromebook Plus now supports Linux apps on Chrome OS version 68.

Reddit user u/FrMarkFenn posted pictures of his Samsung Chromebook Plus running LibreOffice and MuseScore in full GUI mode on the new r/Crostini community:
Explaining the process, he said:
After noticing that a Debian:Stretch:Arm64:Default image was available, I was able to start the Beta Linux apps and got the Penguin container! After a quick sudo apt-get install libreoffice, I am off and going! App icons are showing up in the launcher.
Just like Android files support, the Files app for Chrome OS already supports files from Linux apps. So, using Linux apps on your Chromebook should be a good experience. It is far from perfect, we are still in the early days of its development. However, it gives a lot of joy to Chrome OS users to see Linux apps work on Chromebooks. This might also bring the hardcode Linux fans one more step closer to the Chrome OS platform.

Samsung Chromebook Plus Gets Linux apps - Chrome Story

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