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Thursday, August 26, 2004 - First Look: Danger Sidekick II - First Look: Danger Sidekick II: "First Look: Danger Sidekick II

The one-time World Class Product of the Year PDA gets a much-needed upgrade.
by Grace Aquino, PC World
Thursday, August 26, 2004
Danger's first Sidekick revolutionized mobile Web access by offering a decent-size screen, a usable keyboard, and solid applications--and it won our 2003 World Class Product of the Year Award for its trouble. Two long years later--an eternity in tech time, during which PalmOne's Treo 600 supplanted the original Sidekick in many mobile users' hearts--the Sidekick II is finally here. Fans of the original model will find much to like, but critics of the first aren't likely to be swayed by its evolutionary successor.
Offered by cellular provider T-Mobile and co-developed by Danger and Sanyo, the $300 Sidekick II addresses many user complaints about the first device, including the fact that it made for a lousy cell phone.

After testing an early production sample of the Sidekick II for two weeks, I can report that it works much better as a phone than the original. Voice quality in my informal tests equaled that of a standard cell phone. The unit's speakerphone was good, too, though it needed a bit more volume. Nevertheless, the unit's flat design and relatively large size made holding it against my ear feel awkward--especially during longer conversations (the unit does include an earbud)."

PDAntic Blog

PDAntic Blog: "Press Release: WorldMate Professional Edition with 'Flight Status Option' from OAG

Flight information is just getting better!

Lod, Israel August 19, 2004 ?MobiMate? one of the world's leading mobile application provider, just released the latest version of WorldMate?Professional Edition for Pocket PC, offering new and a exciting Flight Status service.?This is one of the first services of its kind available for the Pocket PC platform allowing users to track the status of their flights and receive the up-to-date information directly to their handheld device.?MobiMate has again partnered with OAG, the world's leading provider of travel information since 1929, to offer this new and exciting feature complimenting the flight schedules service.?The user can now check flight schedules ahead of time, choose the desired route and check the status of the flight before leaving for the airport!?No more time wasted waiting around at airports because he/she didn't know that the flight had been delayed?

Flight Status is a first of its kind pay per use service, which means that there is no monthly fee, the user buys and uses the tokens only when he needs them.?Tokens are currently available in packages of 30 credits available on the MobiMate website.

WorldMate Professional Edition is aimed directly at business travellers, who require more travel-related information and tools to assist them in planning, managing and tracking their business travel.? This is why MobiMate is constantly adding more business related features that allow business travellers the tools to always be one step ahead of competition.?Main features include ?Flight Schedules and flight status information from OAG, online currency converter, five world clocks, weather for over 38,000 locations supplie"

nexGear -> The stuff of greatness: iriver H140

nexGear -> The stuff of greatness: iriver H140: "The stuff of greatness: iriver H140 wins EISA's coveted 'European New Media Audio 2004-2005' award

Jury especially impressed by the pocket jukebox's sound quality and rich features

The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) has given its coveted 'European New Media Audio 2004-2005' award to the hard drive-based H140 audio player from iriver. iriver, the leading provider of innovative portable audio and video solutions in the digital entertainment segment, has thus walked away with the most important distinction in Europe's entertainment electronics industry only months after establishing its European headquarters. In explaining the reasons for its decision, the jury � made up of experts from 50 leading European broadsheets and trade publications � was full of praise in particular for the 'excellent sound quality' and the extensive array of features fitted in the iriver H140.

After the company recently published upbeat figures for the quarter just ended, the EISA award comes as yet more powerful evidence that iriver has correctly interpreted the signs of the times. Its premium brand has a clear technological edge and is setting new standards in the portable audio and video player segment.

The EISA jury justified its decision in the following terms: 'This very well made portable player has a built-in hard drive whose 40 gigabytes of memory make up to 10,000 MP3 titles available to mobile users. The USB 2.0 port facilitates very fast data transfer for all kinds of files. Besides MP3s, the device can also play WMA, WAV, ASF and OGG music files. Its feature set includes a rechargeable battery, a built-in VHF tuner and a microphone for the user's own live recordings. Users can operate the player either with the built-in controls or with a remote control unit supp"

Pocket PC Thoughts - Daily News, Views, Rants and Raves

Pocket PC Thoughts - Daily News, Views, Rants and Raves: "
T-Mobile Posts Presale Page For iPAQ 6315
Posted by Janak Parekh @ 08:00 AM

'Finally. A handheld that can keep up with you. Get yours now, exclusively from T-Mobile, and start bossing this thing around. The new iPAQ has it all?hone, e-mail, Bluetooth? and Wi-Fi, for just $499.99. T-Mobile bundled rate plans include everything you need to get the most out of your new handheld, starting at $79.99 per month. Order your iPAQ now, before it arrives in stores. Products ordered through this pre-sale Web site are expected to ship on 8/26/2004.'

That's great, except for two things: CompUSA has already been selling the units, and more confusingly, T-Mobile only seems to be offering two price plans with the presale -- both with unlimited GPRS and (Hotspot) WiFi, but at the whopping prices of $79.99 and $99.99 depending on the number of bundled voice minutes. Wouldn't people want to get cheaper plans and use WiFi at home too? I'm hoping that once T-Mobile gets the iPAQ 6315 out of presale mode, they'll offer standard plans with it, too."

Pocket PC Thoughts - Daily News, Views, Rants and Raves

Pocket PC Thoughts - Daily News, Views, Rants and Raves: "Wednesday, August 25, 2004
iPAQ 2215 at Amazon for $309.99
Posted by Janak Parekh @ 09:30 PM

Amazon is selling the iPAQ 2215 for $359.99 minus a $50 rebate. Of all the prices I've seen, that's the lowest right now. While it's not the newest Pocket PC unit, many people still love theirs, and it has a CF slot and Bluetooth. [Affiliate]"