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Thursday, February 05, 2015

Where the iPad should go next: Look toward Windows 10 - CNET

"The iPad is nearly 5 years old. That product, ever since, has continued to ride a thin dividing line between iPhones and Macs: mobile, and computers.

Apple's world has since become all about the iPhone. Look at the latest sales numbers, and they're shockingly lopsided: iPhones now represent almost three-quarters of Apple's revenue. Macs and iPads, while still selling in numbers that would cause celebrations at other companies, just don't seem to have the same fire. Sales of iPads, in fact, are trending downward.

But 2015 seems to offer the promise of new things in the world of both product lines: the two biggest rumors predict a "big screen" iPad, and a new "small screen" MacBook Air. The irony? Both of these products are said to include a screen in the 12.5-inch realm.

Will there be both a 12-inch iPad and a 12-inch MacBook Air in 2015? If so, how will they co-exist? Could they be meant for different customers?

If these rumors are real, shouldn't this be just one product? Maybe a thin and light touchscreen tablet, with a detachable keyboard? And maybe -- just maybe -- running an operating system that combines the best of Mac OS X and iOS?

For me, the answer lies with Microsoft.

I've always wanted the iPad to be more of a full computer, or at least have the ability to go there. Like the Surface already does. Some might say that's pointless, that the iPad can already be a productive device with tons of dedicated apps and accessories. I still say, why must there be a dividing line between OS X and iOS at all? Look at Windows 10. Look at everything that Microsoft is laying out now, after years of chaotic evolution."

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