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Friday, February 25, 2005 >HP iPAQ h6365 Pocket PC ROM Update version 1.00.38 (14 Feb 05) Modified to update ROM on HP iPAQ h6315. This is not an official release. "

HP iPAQ h6365 Pocket PC ROM Update version 1.00.38 (14 Feb 05) Modified to update ROM on HP iPAQ h6315. This is not an official release. Use at your own risk.
Primary Upgrade Links Thread
The original thread regarding this upgrade. Do not perform this upgrade without thoroughly reading this information. This is also where to go if you have questions. Do you see a link to my email address on this page? No. "Okay, I'll just go to the root domain and find his email link there." Well don't. I will ignore any personal help requests. Thanks.
ROM Patch
The modified ROM patch as described in the forum thread. Do not install this patch without reading the above link.
T-Mobile Install Pack
All the necessary files to restore many T-Mobile-specific apps. Restores the Battery Monitor, SIM Phone Book, Today Screen plugin, and email trigger functionality. Instructions included in .zip file.

Miscellaneous Files

T-Mobile Extended ROM Bundle
The unsupported group of files removed from the original h6315 ROM by dmc874 in the forum. It is available here for whatever purposes. Use the T-Mobile Install Pack above for a cleaner installation.
T-Mobile Email Trigger Apps
More unsupported files available for whatever. If you simply want to reactivate email triggers following the ROM upgrade, use the T-Mobile Install Pack listed above.

Some other files of interest for h6315 users are available here.

PDA Phone.Com Forum Unofficial h6315 Rom Update Instructions

....::Welcome to my domain::....

ROM Update for 6315 *un-official*

Use at own risk!!! Any suppliers of this unofficial ROM update including myself will and shall not be held responsible for any action that may arise.

By downloading this unofficial ROM update you agree to to the terms above. (Instructions?)



HP/T-Mobile people, if you don't want this here then I suggest you make one available to us, or contact me via e-mail

More goodies

Many thanks goes to the following evil geniuses who got this to work


And of course the one who made this unit bearable until the above mentioned got the patch to work



1. Download the NewRom
2. Unzip it using your unzip program (i.e. WinRAR, WinZip, 7zip, etc...)
3. Double click on the hpRUU to run the program
4. View the Readme and if you wish to proceed Agree to the Terms and Conditions
5. Click Next
6. Click Next again to flash the device with the new ROM
7. Sit back relax and grab yourself something to drink while it handles its business.

If you want the SIM Contacts Manager, Battery Status, and T-Mobile today plug-in then do the following after completing the ROM upgrade.

1. Copied the entire "T-Mobile" folder from the oldROM to the Program Files directory /program files/
2. Then copy all of the .dll files from the T-Mobile Directory to the /windows directory
3. Lastly, create a shortcut to vsbattery.exe in the /windows/startup folder

If you want the Mail triggers to work then do the following

1. Download this and unzip it.
2. Copy tmo-IM.CAB to your device and run it. When prompted to overwrite, choose "No to All".
3. Copy all other files directly to the root directory of your device. The folders should merge where necessary. When prompted to overwrite, choose "Yes to All".
4. Run tmo.cpf in your root directory. There is no confirmation for this file, but you will see it disappear from the list once it is completed.
5. Remove your device from the cradle and perform a soft-reset.
6. In File Explorer, navigate to the /Windows/Start Menu/ directory. Delete the "Instant Messaging" shortcut, then delete the three shortcuts in the /Programs/ subfolder for AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo.

Voila! You now have email triggers.
You can configure your POP account via the T-Mobile website or by hand.

Enjoy E-Mail Triggers!

If you want the T-Mobile today plug in to work then do the following:

1. Download this registry editor
2. Browse to the following path:
3. And Remove the "\IPAQ ROM" from the path entries for both T-Mobile and Mail

If you want the original T-Mobile Theme the do the following:

1. Download this and unzip it
2. Copy both files to the \Windows directory on the PPC
3. Go to Start----Settings----Today
4. Choose which one you like

That's it I think now that concludes just about everything! Once again much thanks to mswlogo, beaups, dmc874, lgingell, Mashie, njbair, splintercell and PDAPHONEHOME.COM for everything.