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Saturday, July 14, 2018

New Apple MacBook Pro's 2018! Should You Buy It?

2018 MacBook Pro Benchmarked: Record-Breaking Speed

New 2018 MacBook Pro Keyboards MIGHT fix Keyboard Problems

Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro keyboard uses new method for repelling dust, reports iFixit - The Verge

"Apple’s new MacBook Pro keyboards are slightly quieter than the ones found in the previous iteration of the laptop. But the company’s silence on the mechanism’s widespread mechanical issues, which Apple first acknowledged with a repair program last month, has left many scratching their heads and wondering if the new laptop’s largely unchanged keyboard is susceptible to dust and crumb contamination under the hood.

Now, iFixit says it’s uncovered something that indicates that the new MacBook Pro keyboards use a silicone membrane underneath each individual key to keep dirt and other unsavory particles from finding their way under the keyboard and locking it up. The repair organization dismantled a new 15-inch MacBook Pro keyboard to discover the new mechanism.

It bears a remarkable resemblance to an Apple patent that went public back in March. It described various methods for keyboard design that would prevent crumbs and dust from getting underneath the keys and causing mechanical issues. The methods describe using a “guard structure extending from the key cap” that would “funnel” contaminants away from the sensitive portions of the keyboard. That guard structure could be separated from the base when in an undepressed position and that it would not make contact with the base even when depressed due to a gasket sitting in between.

The patent application goes on to say that the gasket could comprise of a layer of silicone that would act as a membrane. iFixit now says that’s exactly what the new MacBook Pro keyboard contains, and that the sound of the keyboard is quieter as a side effect of the silicone membrane."

Apple’s redesigned MacBook Pro keyboard uses new method for repelling dust, reports iFixit - The Verge

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Why I Sold My 12" and 15" MacBooks and Bought the 2017 13" MacBook Pro!

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Apple’s new AI chief might actually be the right person to fix Siri - The Verge

"What is John Giannandrea, Google’s former head of search and AI, going to do at Apple? The short answer is ‘a lot.’ The more pressing answer is ‘fix Siri.’ Luckily, Giannandrea seems to be the right person for the job.
The 53-year-old Scottish engineer was poached by Apple in April, but his new title and position were only announced yesterday. He is now ‘chief of machine learning and AI strategy,’ which means he will be overseeing a team that combines two of the iPhone maker’s most important AI products: Core ML and Siri. Core ML is Apple’s machine learning framework for apps. It helps developers run AI tools smoothly on mobile devices, and it’s essential for Apple to maintain its lead as the home of the world’s most advanced apps. And Siri... well, you know Siri. It’s Apple’s underpowered AI assistant that was first to market among the big tech companies, and it has been losing ground ever since.
Which is where Giannandrea comes in.
Looking at the new Apple AI chief’s history, it’s easy to pick up on some consistent themes. Time and time again, Giannandrea has worked on technology that involves processing speech and text and providing useful information to users. That seems perfect for someone who is tasked with upgrading a computer assistant.
One of Giannandrea’s early roles was at a startup named TellMe, which ran a phone line that used voice recognition to answer callers’ queries on things like the weather and the stock market. (Sound familiar?) After that, he co-founded a company named Metaweb Technologies, which pitched itself as a ‘database of the world’s knowledge.’ Google bought Metaweb in 2010 and integrated its tech into the Knowledge Graph. (Those are info boxes that pop up when you Google a specific question like ‘how old is Tim Cook?’ As of 2015, they answer roughly one-third of all Google search queries, suggesting that whatever Google paid for Metaweb, it was worth the price.) Giannandrea also worked on RankBrain, which helps Google answer search queries it’s never seen before, and Smart Reply, which suggests automated replies to email and texts"
(Via.).  Apple’s new AI chief might actually be the right person to fix Siri - The Verge:

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