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Friday, January 30, 2015

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 with Windows 13" Review

Stunning screen, compact design: It's the first great laptop of 2015

"Dell's revamped XPS 13 was one of the standout products at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, and in real life, it's practical and easy to use, even beyond the smart-looking redesign. While it would have been pleasing to see a bigger boost from Intel's new processors, it's nice to start the year with a high-quality laptop I can recommend nearly without reservation."

Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Hot Or Not?

"I asked the resident tablet expert at market researcher IHS , Rhoda Alexander.
“It definitely qualifies as a success if you look at their efforts in the tablet market,” she said. ”We’re not looking at iPad volumes certainly but for a company that started out two years ago without having made a PC and trying to do it on a platform that is not the dominant platform in the tablet market, it’s a success.”
So, let’s call it a qualified success.   It’s not the 21.4 million iPads Apple AAPL +0.14% sold during its first quarter but, as Alexander said, this isn’t iOS or Android and Microsoft is still new to selling PCs.
Whether Microsoft is actually making money on Surface is, needless to say, also a pertinent question.  The answer may be a qualified no — at least according to one market analyst."

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Apple Watch to start shipping in April - CNET

Apple Watch to start shipping in April - CNET

Dell XPS 13 (2015) vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Comparison Smackdown

The Tech Diversity Story That's Not Being Told

"What will it take for Asian American men who have reached these new plateaus of power and success to see common cause with other minority communities and with other people of color? When will we commit to addressing the exclusion of women from opportunity in the tech industry? And what about those of us who aren’t CEOs of big tech companies? What can we do?

There are a few starting points:

Listen and believe. Talk to your coworkers who belong to underrepresented groups. Listen to their stories and experiences. Don’t be defensive, just listen. And then when they’re done, believe what they’re saying. Don’t explain it away, don’t play devil’s advocate. Believe that they know just as much as you, are as smart and capable as you, and have had experiences that you don’t know about.
Stop ignoring the issue. Specifically, we should acknowledge that we haven’t said enough about anti-Black and anti-Latino attitudes, and that we have not articulated our complicity in industry sexism and misogyny. Indeed, we have often helped build these systems of exclusion, not merely remained silent while they were enforced. We must understand that trying to pass under the umbrella of whiteness will not save us from discrimination. Indeed, the statistics show that Asians make $8,146 less than white workers at tech companies—not as underpaid as other minorities, but certainly an enormous disparity that makes clear why solidarity between underrepresented communities is essential.'

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Microsoft gets hardware foothold as Surface, Lumia sales jump - CNET

The company's fiscal second-quarter earnings posted Monday indicate that its consumer businesses are consistently growing. Its Lumia phones are selling better than ever and Surface, its tablet line, is officially a billion-dollar business. Though these divisions are still nowhere near as large as Microsoft's software, servers and Internet services divisions, the numbers represent a promising start.
Though those core software businesses are still the company's bread and butter, Microsoft is very much still in a significant transition period. CEO Satya Nadella, who took over nearly a year ago, now has a twofold mission: to have Microsoft's newest operating system, Windows 10, run across as many devices and screens as possible, and to make consumers love Windows again, not just use it out of necessity. For Nadella, that means pushing Windows as aggressively into the hands of consumers as it has in the corporate realm.
Microsoft gets hardware foothold as Surface, Lumia sales jump - CNET

Monday, January 26, 2015

Surface 4 to Fight iPad with Two Versions (Report)

Surface Pro 3

Microsoft’s Surface 2-in-1 has long been billed as the tablet that can replace your laptop, but the hybrid could soon take aim at traditional slates as well. The company’s purported Surface 4 is rumored to launch next year in two variations: a larger model for maximum productivity, and a palm-sized version built to replace your iPad mini. 
Christian Today reports that the next Surface will be available as a 13 to 14-inch device, as well as a smaller 8-inch version that could compete with mainstream Android and iOS tablets. There’s no word on potential specs, but we expect the new devices to have at least the Surface Pro 3’s 2160 x 1440 screen resolution, as well as Intel’s new Core M processors, which are built for small devices. 

Surface 4 to Fight iPad with Two Versions (Report)

Best uses for Microsoft HoloLens - CNET

Best uses for Microsoft HoloLens - CNET