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Sunday, September 08, 2013

Cult of Android MobileMicrosoft Is About to Get Scroogled | Cult of Android

Microsoft has a weird business model, and a fragile one.
Their model is: Get people to need Microsoft software, then sell that software at high prices.

Contrast this with Apple’s model, which is: Get people want your consumer electronics so bad they’ll pay a lot for it, then sell the hardware, software, services and content at high prices.
And finally, Google’s model: Get people use the Internet more by making it awesome and free, and make money when people use the Internet.

All three companies make operating systems for phones, tablets and desktop computers.

But which models will succeed in the future and which will fail?
I think it’s clear that Google’s model is most likely to succeed and Microsoft’s most likely to fail. And Apple will do just fine.
Here’s what’s happening.

California Bill Gives Electronic License Plates the Green Light

While forward-thinking drivers are considering the implications of supercharging stations for their Tesla vehicles and the impending arrival of Google’s driverless cars, another, far more personal technological development is coming to roads in California. A bill allowing the use of electronic license plates passed the state’s assembly last week, and is slated to be signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Live from the West Wing: Obama goes prime time - Josh Gerstein -

The uphill fight to get Congress to approve a military strike on Syria is pushing President Barack Obama to embrace a brand of communication he’s long resisted: the delivery of a prime-time address to the nation from the White House.

During his nearly five years in office, Obama has gone to extraordinary lengths to avoid high-stakes, nighttime White House speeches. His advisers have repeatedly denigrated the value of Oval Office addresses, accusing promoters of such talks as being out of touch with modern media realities.

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Why Android Kit Kat Is a Troubling Operating System [SUNDAY COMIC]

In this Sunday comic, Nitrozac and Snaggy of The Joy of Tech point out plenty of reasons we should be concerned that two major corporations are teaming up — mainly, will candy take over the world?

NSA can reportedly tap smartphone users' data | Politics and Law - CNET News

The National Security Agency has the ability to access user data on three of the most popular smartphone platforms, including BlackBerry's e-mail system, according to classified documents viewed by German news outlet Spiegel.
The US intelligence-gathering agency has created platform-specific working groups to tap the contact lists, SMS traffic, and user location information on the Apple iOS, Google Android, and BlackBerry mobile operating systems, the documents indicate. NSA scripts allow the agency to access at least 38 iPhone features after the agency infiltrates the computer used to sync the device, Spiegel reported.