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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Pocket PC Addict - Home

Pocket PC Addict - Home

Attention T-Mobile US customers! Not all is lost. Big daddy Deustche Telekom still loves you!

T-Mobile US finally gets some devices or interest. Smile Coming February 2006 T-Mobile US will be picking up the MDA Pocket PC Phone (HTC Wizard) and the SDA Smartphone (HTC Feeler) that have been popular in Europe. Pre-Order yours today!

T-Mobile MDA Handheld

The new T-Mobile MDA is a messaging powerhouse, with a full keyboard that slides in the sleek device. It offers messaging options from simple text and instant messaging to powerful picture and video messaging. Plus the T-Mobile MDA is designed to take advantage of the T-Mobile Total Internet network with GSM, GPRS, EDGE, and the extra speed you need at thousands of T-Mobile HotSpot WiFi locations.

T-Mobile SDA Smartphone

The T-Mobile SDA is a super sleek smartphone that makes it easy to stay connected and organized. With the familiar features of Microsoft Outlook, you can keep your calendar, contacts, and e-mail always up to date and with you on the go... without the bulkiness of a standard PDA.

Now all you iPAQ h6315 users have something to look forward to. - Moto Q cancelled - Moto Q cancelledMoto Q cancelled
January 20, 2006 [MS Smartphone]
Update: apparently Motorola Q is not cancelled - just being delayed...

After Motorola MPx100 MS Smartphone, Motorola MPx Pocket PC phone, now also Motorola Q:

... has been cancelled. Motorola has been advertising Moto Q smartphone with phrase "11.5 mm - the thinnest QWERTY phone available to-date", but clearly the word "available" was an exaggeration.

Apparently Motorola France informed that launch of Moto Q was cancelled in Europe. Moto Q may be launched still in USA but despite the fact, that previously Verizon-branded images of Moto Q leaked, Moto Q was not launched at CES 2006 and it looks like Motorola has problems to find mobile operator in USA also for CDMA version of Moto Q.

It looks also that Motorola's alliance with Apple corporation is wobbly: Motorola ROKR E2 has no iTunes at all and new Motorola RAZR V3x is sold without iTunes, despite initial announcements that it will have iTunes on board. So also hopes that we will see, thanks to Motorola, a Windows Mobile phones with iTunes on board - are also gone...

Nothing is certain yet and we are rather in rumor phase, but it looks like Motorola has not found mobile operators willing to sponsor launch of Moto Q. Particularly: Verizon Wireless is selling now the fantastic Windows Mobile Treo and introducing Moto Q could probably confuse consumers and finally Verizon decided not to sell Moto Q.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

UPDATE: OQO Model 01+ @ Mobility Today

UPDATE: OQO Model 01+ @ Mobility Today
UPDATE: OQO Model 01+
By David Ciccone, posted Yesterday
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Bringing the mobile professional true portability!

The box arrives!

For the past 5 years Jory Bell has had a vision to deliver one of the most portable laptop computers in the world. One of the most interesting parts of this story was that 5 years ago I actually received a call from Jory telling me about this innovative product. We chatted for a while and were looking to meet up at Princeton University so he could show me the concept device. Unfortunately due to a scheduling conflict he had to cancel and I was not able to actually see the concept device. As the years went buy I continually checked back with OQO to see where things stand and was starting to wonder if this OQO was vaporware. To my surprise a year and a half ago OQO announced the OQO Model 01. With every first model that goes out many consumers tend to sit back and see what the majority says about the computer. For one, the OQO was a hit from the beginning! Majority of the time OQO could not keep this device in stock nor keep up with the huge demand of the smallest ultra portable to ever hit the market.

Box Contents

On September 27th, 2005 OQO announced the second generation OQO named the OQO Model 01+. The 01+ packed some more juicy features such as a 1 GHz processor, 30GB HD, 512MB RAM, Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, USB 2.0, FireWire®, audio, thumb keyboard, 800x480 indoor/outdoor readable LCD (ships with: removable lithium polymer battery, docking cable, desktop stand, universal power supply, carrying sleeve, and digital pen.). During this review I will go over all aspects of the Model 01+ such as box contents, design, look and feel and functionality

The OQO Model 01+ has the smallest footprint out on the market today measuring 4.9”x3.4”x0.9”. When you receive your OQO Model 01+ you will be pleasantly greeted with a black box perfectly nesting your new ultra portable. Inside the box you receive Universal power supply (air/auto adapters included) ,Docking cable , Desktop stand , Digital pen and a Carrying sleeve. Many people have complained about the docking cable stating it was just too cumbersome to carry with you. Honestly with all the negativity I have heard I was expecting a cord the size of a human intestine, I was way off! The cord is actually smaller than my power cord for my IBM Thinkpad. If you look at the photo below you will notice is isn’t nearly as bad as many have said. The OQO docking cable has a bunch of nice add-ons such as 3D Accelerated 1280x1024 VGA video output, additional usb, additional Firewire, Ethernet, DC power and Audio out.