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Sunday, February 27, 2005

H6315 PDAPhone.Com Forum Unofficial Upgrade By John H. Armwood

H6315 PDAPhone.Com Forum Upgrade

I performed the unofficial upgrade the day that it was posted online H6315 PDAPhone.Com Forum as an executable file. The upgrade went smoothly. I immediately knew the device was upgraded because I saw an HP splash screen, like I had on my hp 5555 and not the T-Mobile splash screen I was used to seeing on my h6315 prior to the upgrade.

I then made a contravershal decision to reinstall my many third party applications by using the restore function found in the basic HP ROM based operating system instead of doing a clean, brand new installation. My reasoning was quite simple. In theory a clean installation is the ideal way to go but it would take me at least five or six hours to install my many programs. I figured that if the restoration of my back up did not go well I could always do a hard reset and then do a clean installation.

I was fortunate. My clean restoration worked. I did not have the problems getting the T-Mobile mail triggers to work that many who performed a clean installation encountered. For some it took at least a day to resolve this issue. All I had to do was copy the T-Mobile application folders that had been in the old ROM into the program files directory and then edit the registry to identify the new location of the files. This allowed the T-Mobile Today screen plug in to appear and work. This was a simple process.

I am very happy with the update. My device runs faster without any real problems. The device does not crash. Web surfing is noticibly faster. My Jabra 250headset and my Logitech Mobile Freedom both work flawlessly. The sound level of both headsets is louder. The sound level of alarms and the phone ringer seem louder. The update however did not improve the performance of my HP Blue tooth Stereo Headset. The popping noises remain.

The promise of the h6315 has been finally realized. Other than the issue with the blue tooth headset the h6315 is working flawlessly. I am a happy man. The contributors to the PDAPhone.Com forum who worked collectively, on line, to make this unofficial update work, should feel happy that their contributions have benifitted many. Like many others I want to convey to them a heart felt thanks for a job well done.