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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Comcast fights back against Netflix’s poor viewability claims - CNET

"Comcast is limiting the capacity of connections between its network and other networks, unless the network agrees to pay Comcast for access," Libertelli wrote. "Prior to our agreement to interconnect directly with Comcast, Netflix purchased all available transit capacity into Comcast's networks from multiple transit providers. Every single one of those transit links to Comcast was congested (even though the transit providers requested extra capacity), resulting in poor video quality for our members."

What will it take to get people to buy new iPads? - CNET

"My wife uses an iPad 2. She's happy with it. The iPad 2 came out in early 2011. There's nothing wrong with it, really. In fact, Apple just took it off the market earlier this year.

That's the problem with iPads: they're stable, polished, and don't change all that much. That's great for someone buying one, but it doesn't give much of an incentive to upgrade.

Apple's latest iPad sales numbers were down. Apple still sold a lot of them, but not as many as last year: meanwhile, the iPhone's numbers keep climbing. Is there really a problem? The iPad remains our top-recommended tablet. Tons of people have them. It doesn't feel like a product in decline. But I look back at the current iPads and see part of the problem staring right at me."