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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Google to offer personal home page for mobiles - Wireless World -

Google to offer personal home page for mobiles - Wireless World - MSNBC.comGoogle to offer personal home page for mobiles
Move part of race to extend information services
Updated: 2:06 p.m. ET Jan. 13, 2006

SAN FRANCISCO - Web search leader Google Inc. Thursday said it was now offering U.S. mobile phone users a personalized version of the Google home page tailored to work on most recently introduced mobile phones.

The Google Personalized Home page for mobile phones will allow consumers to conduct Web searches and check Gmail e-mail, news headlines, local weather reports or a list of stock prices -- all from one central page on their phones.

Google is racing with Internet rivals such as Yahoo , Microsoft, America Online and InfoSpace to extend the information services they already offer on computers to the browsers of mobile phones.

The Mountain View, California-based company plans to offer the personalized Google home page for mobile phone users in international markets in the coming weeks and months...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sony Reader Electronic Book In Pictures

Sony Reader Electronic Book In PicturesSony Reader Electronic Book

Blog : Blog, posted 8-JAN-2006 08:06, by M Freitas

The Sony Reader is going to be available in the USA soon and we bring some pictures taken during the 2006 International CES.

The devices ties together an electronic paper display with one-handed navigation and an interesting design. The Sony Reader is incredibly light, and it has a crisp black and white display.

That's right folks: this is not a colour device, and there is no backlight either. It is a book, an electronic one sure, but like any other paper book we will need some light to read it. Because of this, according to Sony, readers will not experience the fatigue associated with long term reading on an LCD

The Sony Reader is about .5 inches thin and can read Memory Stick and Secure Digital (SD) flash memory card (yes!).

The Reader can also store and display personal documents in Adobe PDF format, web content, and JPEG photos. The official press release says its battery life is equivalent to 7,500 page turns.

The high-resolution electronic paper display technology delivers a realistic print look. The result is readable text and graphics from a variety of viewing angles.

The Motorola Q Windows Mobile Smartphone in Pictures

The Motorola Q Windows Mobile Smartphone in PicturesThe Motorola Q Windows Mobile Smartphone in Pictures
Blog : Blog, posted 8-JAN-2006 08:19, by M Freitas

The Motorola Q Windows Mobile Smartphone wasn't announced during the 2006 International CES - but it was here alright!

The Motorola Q was spotted in the Motorola and Microsoft booths, and around the show floor. I also came close to it during the Urge party (a big party on Pure, Caesar's Palace to celebrate the Microsoft and MTV launch of their new Urge service).

Enough said. Just look at these pictures - I wouldn't mind replacing my Telecom Apache for one of these new Motorola Q on CDMA...

The last picture is of the new Motorola TXTR. The device communicates to Motorola (only) mobile phones, via Bluetooth. It allows users to send and receive SMS without taking the phone out of the pocket. It also maintains a copy of the mobile phone's address book so it's easy to find your friends and SMS at any time... - CES: DualCor Continues to Amaze - CES: DualCor Continues to Amaze: "CES: DualCor Continues to Amaze Print E-mail
By Gears. Published on 07 Jan 2006.

This DualCor device has kicked up quite a bit of media interest of late. It's a whole new kind of device which combines Windows XP Tablet Edition and Windows Mobile 5.0 in one device. Equipped with not one but two processors (a 1.5 GHz and 400 MHz one) the specs list is endless. It comes with 1Gb of DDR2 RAM, a 5 inch, 800x480, 262K colour touch screen, three USB Hi-Speed 2.0 ports plus a headset and phone jack, integrated Compact Flash Type II, mini-VGA port, speaker, microphone and mouse controls. If that isn't enough there's a full-size DualCor stowaway keyboard which lets you get to work and use it as a regular PC.

Selling for around $1500 (about £850) from March 2006 the DualCor is fitted with a 40Gb hard drive, however we found that this movie impressed us more than any facts or figures! Check it out or save it by right-clicking here and choose 'save target as'. Can I have one please?! :)

Source, More photos and video - Digital Lifestyle Magazine (Chris Martin and Jason Green)
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