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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Microsoft Office for iPad sets the gold standard for tablet productivity | ZDNet

Summary: It took four years, but Microsoft has finally released full-featured Office apps for the iPad. As expected, the new Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps are free to install but require an Office 365 subscription to unlock the full set of features. Here's what you can expect.

Microsoft Office for iPad sets the gold standard for tablet productivity | ZDNet

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

HTC One M8 review - CNET HTC's stunning sequel steals the show

The Good The HTC One M8's sumptuous aluminum body makes a beautiful background for this top-flight smartphone's brilliant 5-inch display. It runs on a powerful quad-core processor and Android KitKat, the stereo speakers deliver excellent sound, and the depth-sensing camera brings a ton of useful features.
The Bad The One M8’s battery is not removable, making it harder to replace once the battery inevitably wears out. The phone's sealed chassis is not water-resistant, and the One M8's photos look less sharp than competitors'.
The Bottom Line Elegant style, raw power, and sophisticated features make the HTC One M8 an excellent smartphone choice for anyone but the most exacting photographer.

HTC One M8 review - CNET

HTC One (M8) video walkthrough

Tablet Tuesday: Get a Nexus 10 (32GB) for $299.99 - CNET

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

HTC One Review (M8) | Android Central

The HTC One has done what few phones have done before. A year after its release, it still holds up.
That’s not always the case with a smartphone, and HTC’s had its share of phones that disappointed in the long-term.
The HTC One, however? Still a good buy.
But time is ticking for that original HTC One, also known by its codename, M7. Today, it’s been replaced by a new HTC One.
A sleeker, more powerful, slightly larger HTC One. The M8.
And what’s more — it’s available for purchase today.
The new and original HTC One
The original HTC One was the company’s first major push into an all- (OK, mostly) metal construction, milling out a single block of aluminum for what was a pretty striking phone. But the new HTC One? Downright futuristic. More metal. A more impressive design. A bigger display. And the best software HTC’s ever put together, with HTC Sense 6 and its wealth of features
running atop Android 4.4.2 KitKat.
The new HTC One is, quite simply, the best smartphone HTC has ever made.
But it’s not without a few quirks. Join us as we walk you through the new HTC One, as only Android Central can do.

HTC One Review (M8) | Android Central

HTC One M8 review - CNET

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Obama talks spying with Facebook's Zuckerberg, Google's Schmidt

" As expected, President Obama met with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, and other tech executives Friday afternoon to discuss efforts to reform the National Security Agency's controversial surveillance programs.

"The President used this opportunity to update the CEOs on our progress in implementing the principles and reforms he announced on January 17, including the new Presidential Directive he issued to govern our intelligence activities that will ensure that we take into account our security requirements, but also our alliances, our trade and investment relationships, including the concerns of our companies, and our commitment to privacy and basic liberties," the White House said in a statement provided to various media outlets. "The President reiterated his Administration's commitment to taking steps that can give people greater confidence that their rights are being protected while preserving important tools that keep us safe."

The meeting comes just a few days after The Intercept reported that the NSA had masqueraded as a Facebook server to place spy malware on targeted computers and gain access to data stored on hard drives (the NSA responded by saying, "NSA does not use its technical capabilities to impersonate US company Web sites")."