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Saturday, July 24, 2004

HP planning iPaq launch for Monday

Infoworld is reporting four new iPAQ models will be released by HP on Monday. The new models will help HP continue to gain ground on PalmOne Inc. in the PDA market. HP's market share in this category has grown over the past several quarters as it has introduced new devices across a variety of categories, from low-end devices costing about $300 to powerful systems that offer Wi-Fi capability and Bluetooth personal area networking technology. The overall PDA market has been declining for several years as consumers have lost interest in stand-alone PDAs that can only handle basic personal information management (PIM) functions. Most mobile phones can handle basic PIM functions such as contact lists and calendar appointments, and most users don't want to carry two devices.

Friday, July 23, 2004

IBM ThinkPad T42 

IBM ThinkPad T42 review by PC Magazine

IBM ThinkPad T42 review by PC Magazine: "Home > IBM ThinkPad T42

Product: IBM ThinkPad T42
Price: $2,029 direct
Spec Data: 1.7-GHz Pentium M 735, 512MB DDR SDRAM, 40GB hard drive, 14.1-inch SXGA+ display, 802.11g wireless
Company Info: IBM Corp.,
The IBM ThinkPad family has always been highly regarded for its reliability and manageability, and its keyboard has long been unmatched by its peers. The IBM ThinkPad T42 keeps up with those traditions while starting one of its own a low price.
The T42's thin profile and system weight of 5 pounds make it a good choice for travel. The one thing we would change is to upgrade its 40GB hard drive which can fill up fast."

40GB Zen Touch on the way from Creative - Engadget -

40GB Zen Touch on the way from Creative - Engadget - "40GB Zen Touch on the way from Creative
Posted Jul 23, 2004, 2:40 PM ET by Peter Rojas
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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Nokia 7610 

Nokia 7610 review by PC Magazine

Nokia 7610 review by PC Magazine: "Nokia 7610

July 21, 2004
By Sascha Segan

AT&T Wireless,
To be determined
Spec Data:
8MB memory; RS-MMC expansion slot; 1.8-inch 176-by-220 passive-matrix 65; 536-color display; 1,152-by-864 (1-megapixel) camera with 4X digital zoom (no flash); Bluetooth; speakerphone; 6 hours 15 minutes talk time (tested); 10.4 days standby time (estimated); GSM 850/900/1900; GPRS data.
One-megapixel camera. Symbian OS third-party software available. Cool styling.
No flash for camera. Oddball memory card format. No hardware volume control.
Bottom Line:
Nokia's stylish new flagship lives up to its promise with a 1MP camera and innovative software.
Come for the looks. Stay for the camera. That could be the come-on line for the Nokia 7610. The 7610 is part of the first... click here for full review
Nokia 7610
Come for the looks. Stay for the camera. That could be the come-on line for the Nokia 7610. The 7610 is part of the first wave of one-megapixel cameraphones to hit our shores, and if you're serious about using the camera in your phone, you should settle for nothing less. The difference between VGA images (such as those on most models nowadays) and the 7610's 1,152-by-876 pictures is huge: Images are much more detailed and brighter on the 7610 than on the Nokia 6620 and others."

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Apple iPod (20GB, fourth generation) review - Intro - MP3 players - CNET Reviews

Apple iPod (20GB, fourth generation) review - Intro - MP3 players - CNET Reviews: "CNET editor's preview

Reviewed by John P. Falcone

Edited by David Carnoy

The fourth-generation Apple iPod was unveiled to the world on the cover of the July 26 edition of Newsweek magazine, confirming a growing chorus of whispers and rumors that had been percolating for weeks on various Apple enthusiast Web sites. The new iPod will be available in 20GB and 40GB versions for $299 and $399, respectively. No firm release date was provided, but Apple is already taking orders via its online store. "

Monday, July 19, 2004

Sony Ericsson T637 

infoSync World : Review Centre : Sony Ericsson T637

infoSync World : Review Centre : Sony Ericsson T637: "Sony Ericsson T637

By Larry Garfield, Monday 19 July 2004

The Sony Ericsson T637 succeeds the manufacturer's wildly popular T610/T616 model: Larry Garfield looks at the latest phone in Sony Ericsson's high-end family."

Creative Labs New Zen Touch  

Creative shipping their Zen Touch MP3 player - Engadget -

Creative shipping their Zen Touch MP3 player - Engadget -

Right at the same time as the announcement of a brand new iPod is probably just about the worst time you could ask for your new MP3 player to go on sale, but Creative has started shipping their new 20GB Zen Touch. The Zen Touch has the distinction of being the first MP3 player with a linear-style touchpad controller, a battery life of 24 hours, and the smallest and lightest player in Creative’s burgeoning Zen series.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

The new ipod Posted by Hello

MSNBC - The New iPod

MSNBC - The New iPod: "July 26 issue - Veteran Podsters understand that at least once a year Apple performs a feat that at once infuses them with dread and delight: an iPod upgrade. The delight comes from a new look and new capabilities. The dread comes from the realization that you're a step behind the cutting edge and must consider whether to buy your way back on it.

And here it goes again. The considerably tweaked fourth-generation iPod will roll out this week, and NEWSWEEK got an advance peek. It looks a bit different, operates more efficiently, has a few more features and costs less. Here are the highlights.
The click wheel. The iPod keeps getting slimmer and more streamlined. While the initial version had a relatively boxy feel, subsequent versions have been curvier and smaller. This one is about a millimeter thinner and, more significantly, eliminates the control buttons that sat under the display screen. Instead, it uses a 'click wheel,' where the controls are placed on the compass points of the circular touchpad that lets you scroll through menus. This is an innovation carried over from the diminutive iPod Mini. 'It was developed out of necessity for the Mini, because there wasn't enough room [for the buttons],' says Steve Jobs. 'But the minute we experienced it we just thought, 'My God, why didn't we think of this sooner?' '
July 26, 2004 Issue"

Monday's iPod Revealed

Monday's iPod Revealed: "SATURDAY, JUL 17 2004
Monday's iPod Revealed

We hoped too hard, but it's still not bad. Here's Monday's Newsweek cover with Steve Jobs and the new iPod. We'll have more details as the come.
Also, what the hell is an Iraq? (Thanks, everybody!)
Update: Oh hey, the article is online now, too.
Read - iPod Nation [MSNBC]
Update Update: And another article, this one describing the thinner (by one millimeter) case, the new menu options (can a brother get a firmware update?), 50% better battery life (12 hours), and multiple On-The-Go playlists that you can delete from (omg it's like 2002). Oh, and no 60GB yet (hence the 'price drop.')"