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Thursday, April 28, 2016

HP Chromebook 13 has MacBook specs for a fraction of the price - Pocket-lint

"Like the Apple device, the Chromebook 13 sports a sixth generation Intel Core M processor and USB Type-C connectivity. It also has around 11 hours ofbattery life (11.5 claims HP).
It even goes one better with RAM, being available with up to 16GB of on-board memory.
The screen size is bigger too, at 13.3-inches. Its resolution if 3200 x 1800.
There are Bang & Olufsen speakers and the chassis is just 12.9mm thick. The Chromebook weighs 1.29kg (the MacBook is just 0.92kg).
But price and screen size aside, the major difference between the new HPlaptop and Apple's is that the Chromebook 13 is exactly that, a Chromebook.
Much cheaper it might be, but it is dependent on an internet connection and is far less supported with software and applications than Windows 10 and OS X equivalents."

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

2016 Macbook Review - Get the old one

Samsung Notebook 9 15" Review

Larry Page's dream of building a 'Google Island' could be coming true

Larry Page's dream of building a 'Google Island' could be coming true

"So what would a city designed by Google look like? It would likely include features such as LinkNYC, the public Wi-Fi hubs that are currently being installed around New York City. Dedicated lanes for self-driving cars also seem like a pretty sure bet. In March, Sidewalk Labs rolled out a new product called Flow which it described as a "transportation platform" that uses aggregated, anonymous traffic data to help city managers identify bottlenecks or redirect trains and buses to transit-starved neighborhoods, as well as drivers get real-time parking information during their commutes.

Google originally created Sidewalk Labs with the purpose of reimagining city living through technology, with the idea that New York City would serve as the company's lab. But there are obvious limitations —€” political, financial, regulatory —€” to that concept, which would explain why Google is now interested in looking beyond the Big Apple to test out its ideas.

This could actually be the realization of a long-held dream by Page, who as far back as 2013 mused about "set[ting] aside a part of the world" for experimentation. That off-hand comment at Google's I/O conference spurred a fanciful take in Wired about what a "Google Island" may look like."