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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Apple erases forum threads discussing iPhone 4 antenna issue | MacNN

Apple erases forum threads discussing iPhone 4 antenna issue | MacNN: "Following a Consumer Reports' article recommending against the iPhone 4, Apple has quietly purged its discussion forums of numerous threads relating to the report. Moderators apparently removed at least five similar threads, however the content was cached by Bing and the broken links can still be found on Google.
It is not uncommon for Apple to cleanse its forums of discussions with a negative outlook on its products. Several threads relating to the antenna issue remain in the forums, including a reference to a PCWorld article calling the issue 'overblow,' however the Consumer Reports findings directly contradict Apple's public stance downplaying the problem as a software bug rather than a design flaw." More...
Unfortunately Apple is following the lead of B.P. in at first denying the existence of  a design flaw in the antenna of its new iPhone 4, then it tried to mislead the public, by claiming the problem was caused by a calibration issue relating to the signal strength indicators. Now it is erasing posts on its forums concerning the problem.  Apple needs to issue a recall.  Apple released a defective product.

I have loved both my MacBook and iPod Touch but I no longer have much respect for the Apple Company.  It's handling of this debacle has been as despicable as B.P.'s behavior handling the Gulf oil spill.  Dishonesty and deception are not  a good way to conduct business. We all expected more of Steve Jobs and Apple.

John H. Armwood

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