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Saturday, August 02, 2014

Tyson Says Media Misled Over Speed Of Light Story

"What is new about my calculations is that they suggest that a gravitational field may slow light down slightly more than it does other particles, such as neutrinos. Neutrinos have extremely small masses and they travel very nearly at the speed of light as a result. My calculations suggest that the velocity of light may be slowed down by a few parts per billion more than the neutrinos."

What is Google+ and why should I use it?

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4-inch) review - CNET

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The Good The Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is extremely slim, has a gorgeous, super-high-definition display, tonnes of power, and the latest version of Android KitKat on board.
The Bad It's packed full of so much bundled software from Samsung and third parties that it will likely be confusing for first-time Android users.
The Bottom Line With its slim design, fantastic screen, and oodles of power, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is a superb smaller tablet, and a worthy competitor to the ever-popular iPad Mini.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S (8.4-inch) review - CNET

LibreOffice makes its case as open source alternative to MS Office - CNET

Google seeks public opinion on 'right to be forgotten' - CNET

"To elicit feedback from the public, Google's new Web form poses several challenging questions aimed at all people affected by the ruling, meaning any citizen of the European Union. Those questions are as follows:

Are there any procedural issues raised by the case (e.g., responsibilities of search engines, data protection authorities, publishers, individuals)?
What is the nature and delineation of a public figure's right to privacy?
How should we differentiate content in the public interest from content that is not?
Does the public have a right to information about the nature, volume, and outcome of removal requests made to search engines?
What is the public's right to information when it comes to reviews of professional or consumer services? Or criminal histories?
Should individuals be able to request removal of links to information published by a government?
Do publishers of content have a right to information about requests to remove it from search?"

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Netflix strikes streaming-traffic deal with AT&T too

"Managing your email while on the go is a convenience we all take for granted. I'll spare you a digression down the path of, "When I started using email I had to use dial-up -- uphill -- both ways." Instead, I'll offer up some advice on using Amazon's Fire Phone to set up and manage your email.
The first time you launch the Email app on your Fire, you'll see a prompt asking you to enter your email address. Once you do, Amazon can determine the proper settings for your email provider. Providers such as iCloud, Gmail, Exchange, and Yahoo are supported with little extra effort required for setup. Next you'll enter your password, and after verifying your account info, the app will display a success message. For some services such as Google, the Fire will automatically sync your contacts and calendar on the device."

Teen wakes up to smoldering Galaxy S4, dad blames battery - CNET

"A 13-year-old in Texas wakes up to smoke and discovers her Samsung phone melting. The culprit appears to be a replacement battery."

Apple refreshes MacBook Pro line with minor upgrades, no price rise - CNET

he rumors of Apple's updated MacBook Pro line were true -- after a brief downtime, the Apple Store's back up with new MacBook Pros.
Unlike the previous two years, Apple didn't make any Mac hardware announcements at its WWDC keynote this year, which left users eagerly waiting for news of new Pros. Fans of the aluminum-cladlaptops may be a little disappointed, however, as Apple has given the new MacBooks only a minor speed boost.
Both new 15-inch models now come with 16GB RAM as default, which should help with performance, but Apple has kept to the same prices, or even less in some cases, so you get better hardware for the same amount of cash.
The new 13-inch models start at $1,299 in the US, £999 in the UK and AU$1,599 in Australia. The high-end 15-inch version will set you back $2,499, £1,999 or AU$2,999 -- $100 less than it used to.

Apple refreshes MacBook Pro line with minor upgrades, no price rise - CNET