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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Virgin Galactic again notches successful supersonic test flight | Cutting Edge - CNET News

Can Machines Keep You Safer at Airports Than Humans?

"Airports worldwide are starting to replace security officials with machines to identify passengers, and those machines could soon start checking your bags.

The machines should make the check-in process safer and more efficient, allowing passengers a stress-free flying experience. But some think reliance on automated security poses a host of potential dangers."

Talon Is Everything You Need In An Android Twitter Client | Cult of Android

"Ever since Twitter introduced a limit of 100k tokens, development of third-party Twitter clients has slowed down drastically. This is a huge blow to Android’s app eco-system which even after all these years lacks a Tweetbot competitor.
This might change today with the release of Talon for Twitter, a beautiful and feature-packed Twitter client for Android, created by the developer of Sliding Message"


Secretive Apple Squirms in Gaze of U.S. Monitor -

ost companies are reluctant to open themselves to outside inspection. Yet Appleis even resisting someone who was appointed by a court to do exactly that, leading to an unusual public feud between the world’s biggest technology company and the Justice Department.
In recent weeks, Apple has been campaigning aggressively against Michael R. Bromwich, a Washington lawyer who was appointed by a federal judge in October. His task was to make sure that Apple complied with antitrust laws after the company was found last summer to have conspired with five publishers to fix prices for e-books.
Apple argues that Mr. Bromwich is intruding with its daily operations by demanding interviews with board members and with senior executives, even the chief executive, Tim Cook. Apple’s court papers compare the monitor with an unchecked “independent prosecutor.”
Secretive Apple Squirms in Gaze of U.S. Monitor -

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dropbox problems linger after Friday outage | Internet & Media - CNET News

Dropbox's service for synchronizing and sharing files experienced problems starting on Friday and extending to Sunday.
"We're continuing to make progress on reducing the number of users experiencing service issues," Dropbox said in a blog post late Saturday night, but on Sunday, some problems such as photo sharing folders persisted.

Dropbox problems linger after Friday outage | Internet & Media - CNET News