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Saturday, December 10, 2005

HP to rebadge the HTC Feeler / SP3i as iPAQ SmartPhone rw4500? - Engadget -

HP to rebadge the HTC Feeler / SP3i as iPAQ SmartPhone rw4500? - Engadget -

Posted Dec 10, 2005, 7:30 PM ET by Ryan Block
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HP iPAQ rw4500

The HTC Feeler has been out overseas on Euro T-Mo for a while now as the T-Mobile SDA (not to be confused with the European SDA Music / American T-Mo SDA / HTC Hurricane — yes, we know this is unnecessarily complicated), but it looks like HP’s rebadging it as the iPAQ SmartPhone rw4500. If this is in fact destined for US release it seems kind of silly, considering the US SDA / Hurricane is essentially the same device as the Feeler, but with a QVGA display (compared to 220 x 176), 1.3 megapixel camera (compared to VGA), and music buttons. Then again, we are all for more Smartphones, smartphones, and, um, good phones on T-Mobile, so let’s have ‘em!

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China CRIENGLISH Anti-Spam Group Established In China
2005-12-10 12:11:06

China's first anti-Spam organization for informtion technology administrators, the Anti-Spam of the Internet Society of China (ASISC) has launched.

The ASISC includes computer networking administrative professionals who are cooperating together to build a highly efficient and safe anti-spam management system.

The group also seeks to establish a good Internet society image and team up with international anti-spam initiatives.

More than 100 million Chinese use e-mail services frequently. At the same time, it becomes the top receiver of junk mails. According to a survey, Chinese netizens receive over 10 junk messages every week on average.

Friday, December 09, 2005

EV-DO Motorola Q gets official - Engadget -

EV-DO Motorola Q gets official - Engadget - www.engadget.comEV-DO Motorola Q gets official

Posted Dec 8, 2005, 3:51 PM ET by Peter Rojas
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CDMA Motorola Q on Verizon

Ok, one bit of solid product news out of Mobius today: we pretty much already knew this, but Motorola just officially confirmed that they’re going to be launching the EV-DO version of their Q Smartphone in the first quarter of next year. They wouldn’t go so far as to confirm which carrier is getting it, but it’d be very, very surprising if it wasn’t Verizon. So what happens to the EDGE version of the Q they were showing off a few months ago? - Microsoft pushes Taiwanese hardware manufacturers to reduce price for Pocket PC phones to sub-$300 region - Microsoft pushes Taiwanese hardware manufacturers to reduce price for Pocket PC phones to sub-$300 regionMicrosoft pushes Taiwanese hardware manufacturers to reduce price for Pocket PC phones to sub-$300 region
December 09, 2005 [Pocket PC phone]
Nokia is advertising their Symbian smartphones together with their regular non-smartphone phones - thus creating synergy effect. Nokia spends hundreds of millions of $ for advertising of mobile phones too. Nokia also reuses components from regular phones in smartphones, what results in economy of scale effect.

Maybe instead of forcing poor manufacturers to reduce costs (and compromise quality?), Microsoft should use above mentioned effects, particularly synergy effect: Microsoft should embed advertising of Windows Mobile into existing marketing campaigns of other Microsoft products (like operating systems, office software, database software, etc).... Read on!

Digitimes - Chinese publication in English language - has direct access to press in Chinese language (that is used also in Taiwan) so they know well the situation among hardware manufacturers there. Apparently Microsoft wants to force poor hardware manufacturers from Taiwan to produce cheap Pocket PC phones:

Microsoft plans to team up with Taiwan ODM handset makers and own-brand handset vendors to manufacture sub-US$300 PDA phones in a bid to help the company expand its share of the global OS (operating system) market for mobile devices, according to sources at Taiwan makers and vendors.

Smartphone Thoughts - Daily news, views, rants and raves

Smartphone Thoughts - Daily news, views, rants and raves:Friday, December 9, 2005
Gartner's Advice: Stop Deploying BlackBerry
Posted by Jerry Raia @ 12:00 PM
"Enterprises should not deploy or invest in Research In Motion's BlackBerry "until RIM's legal position is clarified," market research firm Gartner said this week. In addition, Gartner urged enterprises to demand that Research In Motion (RIM), which has been struggling in a patent action brought against it by NTP, should publicly detail its plans for a workaround should it loose its suit. Besides getting details on the workaround, enterprises should also "carefully review their legal and operational impact," Gartner said in a research advisory."

Gartner has been know to go over the top sometimes. This is a bit different though. The situation with RIM is serious with regard to the number of users affected. I have to admit the thought all those Blackberry things suddenly becoming paper weights make me happy.
Very Happy"

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

BBC NEWS | Business | Microsoft invests $1.7bn in India

BBC NEWS | Business | Microsoft invests $1.7bn in India Microsoft invests $1.7bn in India
The US software giant Microsoft has unveiled plans to invest $1.7bn (£981m) in India over the next four years.

The company said it would create 3,000 new jobs in the country and pump more money into research and development.

Microsoft is keen expand its operations in India, a country where well-trained workers are available at a fraction of what they cost in the West.

On Monday, the world's largest chipmaker Intel announced plans to invest $1bn in India.

Intel said it planned to substantially boost research and development in the country over the next five years.

'Strategic vision'

Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said the company wanted to increase its workforce in India to "7,000 over the next three to four years".

He said the $1.7bn investment "would be deployed across select focus areas over the next four years in line with Microsoft's strategic vision for India".

India's Information Technology minister Dayanidhi Maran said news of the investment was "an indicator of the value that Microsoft attaches to its development and R&D activities in the country".

Microsoft currently outsources a number of services to India

Earlier this year, the company opened a research centre in India's southern city of Hyderabad.

Microsoft plans to open a innovation centre in India's technology hub Bangalore next month.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Sunday, December 04, 2005 - Review of Cingular 2125 - new MS Smartphone that is coming soon to USA - Review of Cingular 2125 - new MS Smartphone that is coming soon to USAReview of Cingular 2125 - new MS Smartphone that is coming soon to USA
December 04, 2005 [MS Smartphone]
Cingular 2125 is not an American incarnation of HTC Tornado but it is a bid different construction - HTC Faraday. This is the first real review of this phone. It lacks Wi-Fi and UMTS but it has EDGE and in combination with availability of flat rate mobile Internet access in USA - it can therefore still be a perfect mobile phone for some people! Read on!

Well the device doesn’t have WiFi. As I stated earlier, I don’t really care. With EDGE I have been seeing speeds between 150-210kb/s. I ran 6 tests on the Mobile Speed Test at For the tests I selected either the 200kb or the 600kb file size. I think they best represent actual speed of the device. On average I would say I was seeing about 175kb/s for either file size. Sure it would be nice to have the 1mb/s+ speeds of WiFi, but with the relatively low cost ($19.99) for unlimited data on Cingular, I’m ok with not having it. With a device like the wizard which has a larger screen, it would be a different story, but the small screen really doesn’t need it (IMHO). If you HAVE to have WiFi, you’ll be paying the $499 for the SP5(m) or waiting who knows how long for the TMobile device.