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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Siri and other voice assistants have a long way to go, research shows - CNET. (I don't use it on my MACs at all. I use "OK Google, phone and "Home" and "Alexa" (From the Amazon Echo).


 "Now a new study from Adobe, released Thursday, provides some insights into how much folks use voice assistants and how much they like -- and dislike -- them.

In all, 37 percent of people surveyed for the study described interactions with voice assistants as either 'not good' or 'terrible.' The same percentage of people rated voice assistants positively, and the rest described them as 'okay.' Hardly a ringing endorsement.

A big reason for these less-than-stellar numbers is Apple's Siri, an underachiever that's single-handedly dragging down consumer expectations for voice assistants, said Adobe Digital Insights analyst Tamara Gaffney. The study backs up this claim: Adobe's review of billions of mentions on social media finds the fewest positive comments for Siri among all available voice assistants. An April study from digital marketer Stone Temple also showed poor results from Siri.

Enlarge Image Adobe in June surveyed 397 people on their interactions with voice assistants. Here are the results. Adobe 'I've personally found Siri to be crap,' Gaffney said.

Apple representatives did"

(Via.). Siri and other voice assistants have a long way to go, research shows - CNET:

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