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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Is It Time to Break Up Google? - The New York Times

"This is a complex issue for which I see no easy answer.  This is one area where I am a little leary of government regulation stifling innovation but on the other hand these giants can stifle innovation by new entrants into their respective industries.

"...We are going to have to decide fairly soon whether Google, Facebook and Amazon are the kinds of natural monopolies that need to be regulated, or whether we allow the status quo to continue, pretending that unfettered monoliths don’t inflict damage on our privacy and democracy.

It is impossible to deny that Facebook, Google and Amazon have stymied innovation on a broad scale. To begin with, the platforms of Google and Facebook are the point of access to all media for the majority of Americans. While profits at Google, Facebook and Amazon have soared, revenues in media businesses like newspaper publishing or the music business have, since 2001, fallen by 70 percent...."

Is It Time to Break Up Google? - The New York Times

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