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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Technology and Infrastructure Advances Bring Safer Mobility

"If you’ve bought a car in Japan recently, it probably knows how to stop on its own. Last year, more than half the vehicles sold in the country had automatic braking features. By 2020, the government aims to equip a full 90 percent of new cars with a system that can sense and evade potential collisions. Japan has become a leader in pushing technology out of necessity: The country’s rapidly aging population means a glut of older drivers who are more prone to accidents. But it’s not just Japan’s problem. Globally, crashes kill 1.25 million people a year and injure up to 50 million. Human error contributes to fully 90 percent of these incidents, according to the World Econom Forum. So what if we removed the human from the equation?"

The road to progress: Technology and...

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