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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Google Glass returns: This time, it's professional - CNET

"A long time ago, before Snapchat Spectacles and Microsoft HoloLens, there was Google Glass. Google's bold vision of headsets wasn't as futuristic as it seemed back in 2013 -- it was more head-mounted display than augmented reality -- and its design as a personal device put most people off.

Google Glass is back

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It may have found a home in business, though.

Google Glass 2.0 is a hardware revamp of the Glass in a similar design. Now it's being targeted as a wearable for business use, in the spirit of the Epson Moverio, HoloLens and Daqri. And in that context, it's a lot less off-putting.

Glass Enterprise Edition, as it's being called, is only available via what it calls Glass Partners, companies that are making specific, customized versions for clients. Price is variable: "The cost can vary based on the software customization, customer support and training you need."

Google Glass returns: This time, it's professional - CNET

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