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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Millennials and Generation Z: Shaping the Digital Workspace

"Engagement and the Digital Workspace

Together, millennials and Gen Zers are demanding the opportunity to collaborate using secure, interactive, flexible software that allows them to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Indeed, one in three millennials, and nearly half of all Gen Zers say they would prioritize a job offer that gives them this mobility, freedom, and flexibility.

A growing body of existing research—including this Economist Intelligence Unit report on mobility, performance, and engagement—demonstrates that employee engagement is critical to workplace satisfaction, productivity, and bottom line profits. Organizations indicating more than 7 in 10 employees are engaged saw a 4 percent increase in sales growth and shareholder return compared to companies showing average engagement. Even a relatively modest 5 percent increase in employee engagement saw, on average, a 3 percent increase in revenue growth the following year.

For millennials and the members of the emerging Generation Z, this data is particularly relevant. The enterprise is tasked with providing both generations the digital workspace technology that will improve employee experience to meet their differing expectations and preferences. “Those responsible for digital transformation should focus on people, process, and technology,” Iyer concludes. “Starting with people is key. Find the talent who can co-exist with your existing workforce while growing and bringing new ideas to the table."

Millennials and Generation Z: Shaping the Digital Workspace

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