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Monday, February 06, 2017

12" MacBook Review: 6 Months Later!, NothingBut Tech88

This was a very well conceived and executed video. I love your alternate ego reviewing device. It works very well and reflects how we agonize over a technology purchase.

I have had the M5 2016 MacBook since July of 2016. I did not use to at first often because I temporarily;y had an I7 Samsung ATIV Book 9 Flip. I loved that Windows machine but I could not afford to keep it. I also have a refurbished I5 Surface Pro4 which is buggy compared to the Samsung. I also have a Pixel LS for my light computing machine. That is a dream machine. After an update my MacBook 2016 kept shutting off with the black screen of death. I took it to the Apple Store, less than three miles away. for diagnosis. They hard reset and, replaced Mac OS and my problems went away.

I took my Mac to New York, over the holidays. I fell in love with it. I had zero performance issues. The one USB port is a non issue. Like most sophisticated cloud users I have 1 terabyte of storage in Dropbox. I have the two Microsoft dongles which I have used maybe ten times since July to transfer large file for my initial building and clean program reinstall after the Apple Store reset the device. If you are computing in a 2017 you should be using the cloud.for file storage If you do the single C port is a non issue.I have 5 computers plus three tablets. Cloud sinking is a breeze. A usb stick is an anachronism for all but vey large files.

Mac OS runs very smoothly. I use Final cut on this machine and my quad core, 2012 ,15 inch, top of the line, special orderMacBook Pro which I modified and updated a couple of years ago. It has an SSD, 16GB of ram on it. I can use Final Cut Photoshop or Pixelmator, my photo editor choice on either . I have the Adobe CS6 suite on both machines but outside of Acrobat and Audition I prefer Mac programs.

The bottom line is performance has been non issue on this machine. It runs as fast, if not faster than the 2013,. I5 MaBook Air it replaced. Benchmark tests bare this out, It take a while to adjust to the keyboarded which is functionable. Performance has been a non issue. Thanks for your excellent review.

John H Armwood

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