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Friday, February 28, 2014

Windows 8 Sells 100 million Fewer Copies than Windows 7 at 15 Months : technology

" To put it bluntly, “Metro is shit for power users.” Those are the words of Jacob Miller, a UI designer for Windows 8 who lunged into a Reddit bash fest of Windows 8 that began with a discussion of how many licenses have been sold to date. To be clear, Miller’s intent was not to pile on the Windows 8 hate, but to clarify why Metro exists. To do that, he wanted to start from common ground before going down the rabbit hole, hence his opening comment.

To sum it up, Miller said Metro exists as a content consumption space. It’s for casual users who are really only interested in doing things like updating their statuses on Facebook, viewing photos, and “maybe posting a selfie to Instagram.” He tossed out examples of your computer illiterate little sister and your mom who only wants to look up recipes.

“That is what Metro is. It is the antithesis of a power user,” Miller explains. “A power user is a content creator. They have multiple things open on multiple monitors — sometimes with multiple virtual machines with their own nested levels of complexity.”

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