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Sunday, February 23, 2014

HTC M8 design leak reveals even less plastic, five colors | Android |

"March 25 is still a little while away, but the HTC M8 is showing off more of its outer shell every day. It now looks like this phone will be mostly based on the HTC One design, but there’s more than enough changes to make this feel like a unique experience.

The HTC One was a big deal because its design broke the mold a bit. The the almost entirely aluminum frame, the speakers on the front, and a unique Ultrapixel camera that delivered surprisingly great results, the One just felt like a well made phone. Still, it wasn’t without its faults. The plastic seam that ran along the outer rim of the phone often appeared to have gaps between the aluminum and the plastic (and if you didn’t have that problem when you bought the phone you most assuredly had it after you dropped the One for the first time).

Thanks to leaks provided to, we’ve got a look at the top of the HTC M8 along with some details surrounding the rest of the phone that set it apart from the HTC One."

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