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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Opinion: Why I won’t be buying the Samsung Galaxy S 4 | Electronista

Opinion: Why I won’t be buying the Samsung Galaxy S 4 | Electronista: "The Galaxy S 4 is a technical marvel, but I won't be switching from the iPhone 5

So the Samsung Galaxy S 4 has finally launched with nearly all the major leaks and rumors about the device proving true. There can be no question that Samsung has put everything it could possibly fit into its extra-large ‘Galaxy S IIIS’ as some are referring to it, because it looks much the same as the Galaxy S III. However, as much tech as Samsung has packed into its new flagship, it simply doesn’t tempt me to switch from my iPhone 5. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 has the iPhone 5, its biggest competitor, beaten in just about every piece of the hardware department. Yet, despite its hardware advantages, Apple will continue to sell tens of millions of its iPhone 5. If buying a smartphone is all about the hardware, Samsung should have Apple dead in the water. But it doesn’t, and it won’t. Not today, not tomorrow and not in the foreseeable future."


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