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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Next iPhone Going On Sale During WWDC, Not After?

Next iPhone Going On Sale During WWDC, Not After?: "

WWDCPhone2We all know June may as well be renamed 'iJune' thanks to the annual refresh of the iPhone lineup.  Typically Apple announces the next iPhone, and then it goes on sale shortly thereafter.  A new rumor according to MacNN, has the phone actually being released DURING the WWDC this year!  This is according to sources 'familiar with the situation.'

Now, if this holds true, the iPhone could possibly go on sale as early as June 7th, which is supposedly about when Apple will hold the WWDC 2010 keynote.

This change of pace would actually align the iPhone with the iPod, which for several years now has had various new models both announced and launched at the same time.  Of course what would have to be addressed is why Apple could be moving up the iPhone shipping times, but speculation runs rampant that it could have to do with the leaked prototype. 

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