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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

How to get the new Windows 10 Creators Update - CNET

I installed the update today, 4/11/17 and it seems to be working very well.  The connectivity issues I was having with my Surface Mouse after start up seems to have been corrected.  The Surface 4 Pro I5 seems to be a little faster than it was after the anniversary update.  I will report back if I discover any issues with this update.

"We don't just hit a button, 400 million machines update and we break the internet," says Microsoft spokesman David Dennis.

No, the Windows 10 Creators Update won't be nearly that fast. Microsoft heard you loud and clear when you said you didn't want updates shoved down your throat -- so even as the company promises a long list of improvements to its operating system, it's going to be a slow, measured rollout.

The Windows 10 Creators Update is officially launching today, April 11. But you shouldn't expect to automatically find the free update on your computer on day one. Microsoft says it could take as long as a couple of months before everyone sees it, and even then you'll have the opportunity to snooze it until you're ready.

"We went into this with the guiding principle of 'do no harm,'" says Dennis, adding that Microsoft is working with individual computer hardware manufacturers to make sure the new update won't cause unforeseen issues on their PCs. (One woman successfully sued Microsoft for $10,000 last June.)

But what if you'd rather get the Windows 10 Creators Update as soon as possible, caution be damned? Here are four techniques that might bring you those new features faster.

Obvious, yes? But if you haven't checked Windows Update in the past couple of weeks, you might want to check again. Microsoft is advertising the Windows 10 Creators Update right inside the Windows Update setting screen. It looks like this."

How to get the new Windows 10 Creators Update - CNET

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