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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Humbled Apple Admits Hacking After Releasing Removal Tool - Yahoo! Small Business Advisor

In Defense of Apple
No reader should think Apple is now a bad bet in software or hardware. Far from it. The software is still intuitive, speedy and easy-to-use. For all genres of media, it remains the standard and no hacking will change that anytime soon. The quality of the hardware is legendary and, of all devices available, holds its value better than any competitor. Just zip to eBay and auction a Zune from 2005 and an iPod from 2005, and see which gets the better price. Apple still defines quality.
But the ever-increasing skill of cybercriminals and our reliance on digital commerce make computer security essential now more than ever. Owning an Apple doesn’t mean being impervious to the viruses that plague PCs.  No matter how respected Apple is, being the best doesn’t mean being invincible. Even Superman had kryptonite.

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