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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Living with Chromebook: Giving Google's OS a second chance

Anyone needing proof that the post-PC era is real need only consult the recent sales figures:traditional PC sales are down 14 percent year over year, even as sales of tablets and smartphones -- mostly using Apple's iOS and Google's Android -- become more ubiquitous.
But even as Android adoption continues to flourish, Google has another horse in the race: Chrome OS. Chrome's mission statement is simple: With everything moving to "the cloud," why have a heavy, expensive Windows or Mac operating system acting as a middleman? Why not just have the browser be the OS? And that's precisely the reason it shares a name with Google's increasingly popular Web browser.

Living with Chromebook: Giving Google's OS a second chance

The Chromebook is an excellent second computer.  It is simply a Chrome browser boxed in a netbook computer without the downside of netbooks.  It is fast, light, very portable and useful.  I can post videos to blogs which I cannot do with my iPad.   It could never be my main computer but it works very well as a second computer. My 15 inch MacBook Pro is my main comouter but I do not want to bang it around carrying it to places other than the college where I teach.

The Samsung 3 is half the price of the iPad.  You get two years of 100GBs of Google Drive storage which is worth $120.00.  You also get 10 Go Pass airline Internet free coupons which are worth $100.00.  These. Computers are unbeatable for the price.

John H. armwood

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