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Friday, November 10, 2006

T-Mobile Dash @ Mobility Today

T-Mobile Dash @ Mobility Today: "T-Mobile Dash
By David Ciccone, posted Tuesday, Oct. 31st, 2006
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Slim, Sleek and Powerful

I have been lucky enough to have my hands on the newly announced T-Mobile Dash Windows Mobile Smartphone for the past 8 weeks. This smartphone is definitely a Motorola Q killer. Sporting a 320-by-240-pixel display a 201 MHz OMAP850 processor from TI, 64 MB of RAM and 128 MB of ROM, Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE along with 802.11b/g.. During this overview I will go over the physical characteristics along with end user experiences.

The T-Mobile Dash by far is one of the best Windows Mobile devices I have ever used. HTC has done a fantastic job pushing the limits of a small form factor device. This baby offers almost everything anyone can ask for except HSDPA/UMTS but with the built in 802.11b/g users will like to 'spy' on open networks throughout the airwaves. During my 7 weeks of use I have to say the battery life is by far the 'BEST' I have ever used. You probably are asking 'Well how can that be with a device that has 802.11?' Very easily.. HTC has done a fantastic job with the power management console on the Dash. HTC has finally found the 'secret sauce' when it deals with the wireless card in the Dash. What they have done is created a control panel that will auto-power down the WiFi if it is not u"

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