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Saturday, November 11, 2006

CNET Prizefight: T-Mobile Dash vs. Motorola Q - CNET reviews

CNET Prizefight: T-Mobile Dash vs. Motorola Q - CNET reviews:

T-Mobile Dash vs. Motorola Q

By CNET Staff

JUDGES: Veronica Belmont, Bonnie Cha, and Kent German

When it first debuted, the Motorola Q was undoubtedly a knockout. The Windows Mobile device was sleek and sexy, unlike any other smart phone before it, and generally delivered on performance. However, when you're sitting there at the top, there's always going to be someone who wants to knock you down, and let's just say the T-Mobile Dash is ready for a fight. This new kid on the block is throwing up some big claims, with its own slim design, productivity tools, and wireless options. But don't expect the Moto Q to just sit there and take it. Grab a front-row seat as these two smart phones duke it out for the championship title.

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