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Monday, July 26, 2004 - Mailblocks Update Offers Easier Spam Blocking - Mailblocks Update Offers Easier Spam Blocking: "Mailblocks Update Offers Easier Spam Blocking

Improved Web-based e-mail service features simpler challenge/response system.
Paul Roberts, IDG News Service and Liane Cassavoy,
Monday, July 28, 2003
The creators of the newest version of the Mailblocks Web-based antispam e-mail service are hoping to take the challenge out of its challenge/response technology: The company has unveiled an update featuring improved sender verification that should help cut down the number of challenges the service issues.

Mailblocks' challenge/response technology works by quarantining inbound e-mail messages in a pending folder and then sending an e-mail 'challenge' message to the sender. Legitimate senders go to a Web page where they retype a number to verify that they're a real person (computer-generated spam mailers can't complete the task).
Verified messages move into the Mailbocks user's in-box, and the address is added to their master list; nonverified mail stays in the pending folder for up to 14 days before it disappears. Subsequent messages from an approved address go directly to the in-box unchallenged. (Mailbocks users can also add e-mail addresses directly to their master list.)
Less Challenging
The biggest problem with the early version of Mailblocks' technology was that every user had their own master list of verified senders. That meant that even if the service verified you as a real sender on the list for one Mailblocks user, it had to do so again when you sent a message to another Mailblocks user.
The latest version of the challenge/response feature, by aggregating the valid responses from all Mailblocks users, reduces the likelihood that Mailblocks will rechallenge s"

I have used mailblocks email for about seven months. It works just as advertised. I have my domain email forwarded to my mailblocks account. I used to receive 300-400 spam messages per day. I now receive only 2 or three per week. This service really works. John H. Armwood

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