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Friday, July 30, 2004

The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > State of the Art: A Palmtop as Wireless Omnivore

The New York Times > Technology > Circuits > State of the Art: A Palmtop as Wireless Omnivore: "STATE OF THE ART
A Palmtop as Wireless Omnivore

IF today's portable gadgets prove anything, it's that you can't have everything. A gizmo can't be tiny, lightweight and rugged and still have a big screen, roomy keyboard and low price tag. The problem isn't the designers' lack of imagination or the price of components; it's a little thing called physics.
When you shop for palmtops, for example, you're really shopping for compromises. If you want a built-in camera, buy this palmtop; built-in cellphone, buy that one. If you need a little thumb-driven keyboard, buy this model; if you prefer handwriting recognition, buy that one.
This frustrating game of This-but-Not-That has led to a proliferation of add-ons: snap-in camera lenses, clip-on thumb keyboards and slide-in wireless cards. Each represents another piece to buy, another thing to go wrong and, above all, another little piece to lose as you dash from airport to car rental shuttle"


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