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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Monday's iPod Revealed

Monday's iPod Revealed: "SATURDAY, JUL 17 2004
Monday's iPod Revealed

We hoped too hard, but it's still not bad. Here's Monday's Newsweek cover with Steve Jobs and the new iPod. We'll have more details as the come.
Also, what the hell is an Iraq? (Thanks, everybody!)
Update: Oh hey, the article is online now, too.
Read - iPod Nation [MSNBC]
Update Update: And another article, this one describing the thinner (by one millimeter) case, the new menu options (can a brother get a firmware update?), 50% better battery life (12 hours), and multiple On-The-Go playlists that you can delete from (omg it's like 2002). Oh, and no 60GB yet (hence the 'price drop.')"

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