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Friday, July 16, 2004

Creative Nomad Zen Xtra 60GB review by PC Magazine

Creative Nomad Zen Xtra 60GB review by PC Magazine: "Creative Nomad Zen Xtra 60GB

Creative Nomad Zen Xtra 60GB
With an expanse of sheet metal below the screen, the Creative Nomad Zen Xtra looks like it might be missing something when compared with other players, but it's not. An easily replaceable battery (that lasted a laudable 10 hours on our tests) lurks within, and all the controls are along the sides of the player. These include dedicated volume buttons, forward/back, menu, play/pause, power, and a jog/selector switch. The jog/selector requires some care in use, or you may inadvertently move your selection up or down when choosing a song. We tested the 60GB player, and try as we might, we simply didn't have enough music to fill it up."

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