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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Surface Go vs. iPad: Which is the better tablet?

I have used a Surface Pro 4 and I have an iPad 2018. I am an academic so I write a lot. I use Pages and Keynote as opposed to Office. You can open and save Office documents with the added advantage of using the Apple pencil. There are more elegant solutions for the iPad than you described. I purchased a $20.00 iPad case on Amazon which more securely secures the Pen than my iPad Pro ever did. Dongles? I never used Dongles because there is Airplay. You wireless transfer files of any time from your iPad to and from your iPhone or MacBook. Documents automatically sync through iCloud. I have had Office free for over 12 years. I only have used it on my Windows devices. I greatly prefer Pages and Keynote. I actually use a Microsoft mobile keyboard with my iPad when I need a keyboard. It supports IOS and works very well. I bought it years ago when I had one of the original Windows tablets before the first Surface Pro was released.

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