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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Apple to Launch New MacBook Air, Mac Mini Later This Year -
















"Apple is reportedly working on two new Mac products for later this year. The company has already introduced a new MacBook Pro upgrade just more than a month ago, and it’s now looking to introduce upgrades for the MacBook Air and the Mac Mini, according to Bloomberg.

While Apple already sells the regular MacBook as an alternative to the MacBook Air, the company has continued selling the Air, which only recently picked up a minor processor refresh. But later this year, Apple plans to launch anew MacBook Air with an improved design which includes the company’s Retina displays, and smaller bezels. Apple’s MacBook Air is the company’s only product that doesn’t include the high-resolution Retina display, so this will very much be a welcome addition.

Cupertino is also planning on launching a new Mac Mini later this year. The company hasn’t upgraded the Mac Mini in years, and the upgraded device is expected to include new processor and storage options. Interestingly, Bloomberg reports that the upgrade will be focused towards professional users like app developers and for home server/media purposes.

Both the new Mac devices are likely going to launch later this year — sometime around October — after the company launches its new iPhone devices. If you are an Apple fan, there’s a ton of things to be hyped about: three new iPhones, new Apple Watches, new iPad Pros, and now the new Macs. The party should begin next month."

(Via.). Apple to Launch New MacBook Air, Mac Mini Later This Year -

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