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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Republicans Just Passed a Resolution That Will Destroy Your Online Privacy | The Nation

Free Press activists rally for net neutrality.

"On Tuesday, the GOP-controlled House of Representatives finally managed to pass a piece of legislation. No, it had nothing to do with core pieces of the party’s platform such as healthcare or immigration. Instead, it went for something much simpler; destroying our online privacy. In doing so, the GOP and our president have not only betrayed the values of their own Republican Party, but of all Americans.

The new law, passed by the US Senate last week, enables internet providers to sell your online history and data without your consent.  That privacy and consumer advocates should balk at rolling back protective measures should come as no surprise. No, the real shock comes from the idea that anyone could oppose online privacy in the first place. What were GOP leaders, the original originalists, the ones who hold true to strict interpretation of the Constitution, thinking? This legislation contradicts the Fourth Amendment and even worse, redefines “We the People” as commodities of information for sale.

When your health information and browsing history become cash transactions, you have to wonder what’s really going on here. Is it about money? Big business? Lobbyists? GOP leaders have framed broadband regulations as restrictive to business as opposed to protective of individuals. In doing so, they throw a nation of states to the wind, leaving the onus of privacy to individual legislation within each state."

Republicans Just Passed a Resolution That Will Destroy Your Online Privacy | The Nation

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