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Monday, February 20, 2017

Waze-Android Auto: Is Google Restricting The Move? – NSEAVoice

"It is good to know that Waze is coming to Android Auto somewhere in Q1 this year but we are still unease over the fact that Waze wasn’t integrated on Android Auto since the system’s release.

Waze is a map and navigation provider that is now owned by Google so why is the application not integrated on Android Auto instantaneously? Google didn’t offer an explanation for it but all the signs are suggesting that the tech giant is hindering an immediate insertion for Waze on Android Auto.

The word is that Google is silently giving Google Maps a head start so that they can gain more users. ON the other hand, it could be because Waze is still managed by its own team of developers hence it needs some time before the app can join Google Maps on Android Auto.

We personally believe that the latter is true. Google Maps is directly managed under Google and this makes it easy to get Android Auto integration.

But then again, integrating an app on Android Auto never sounded like rocket science to begin with hence the allegations made above may be the sole reason for Waze’s delay on Android Auto. What do you think?"

Waze-Android Auto: Is Google Restricting The Move? – NSEAVoice

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