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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Samsung Chromebook Pro Review: The Chromebook Evolved


  1. I think this Samsung Chromebook Pro will definitely set the bar really really high on Chromebook category. It has a great looking design, the S Pen, good performance and gorgeous display. But from what i saw on theVerge, apps on Chrome OS are mostly still in beta. And many of them just don't perform smoothly on this platform. Hopefully, Google will solve this issue real soon. Not to mention, the S Pen also don't work seamlessly on Chrome OS. But apart from that, i believe Samsung Chromebook Pro will be a great purchase for people looking for laptop alternative.

  2. The Chromebook Pixel and Pixel LS are incredibe machines. My Pixel LS is the fastest and mosgt smooth running computer I have ever used. The Samsung Chromebook Plus is a lot slower, not as well built but more multifunctional than the Pixel. I like the pen a lot better than the one on my Surface Pro 4. It is a lot like the Samsung Note 4 phone but a lot more useful on the larger device.

  3. By the way I use Enhanced Mail, Tweetbot, Evernote, Onenote and a host of others and I have only had crashes when I first installed email accounts on enhanced mail. It has been very smooth. I have been using Android apps since September on the Pixel and the Asus Flip without a problem. THe Samsung Chromebook Plus is much aster than the Asus Flip.


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