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Thursday, January 12, 2017

HP Spectre x360 review: the best Windows laptop of 2016 - The Verge















"Building a great, premium laptop is surprisingly hard. Despite the fact that every company, from Apple to Dell to Lenovo and everyone in between, pulls from the same basic parts bin — Intel processors; high-quality IPS displays; aluminum chassis; large, glass trackpads; USB Type-C ports with Thunderbolt 3 — putting all of those parts together in a competent, no-compromise laptop is a sadly rare feat.

That’s what makes HP’s latest Spectre x360 so interesting. It has the same basic spec sheet as countless other laptops, and from a distance, even looks similar to many others. But in a year that’s been full of laptop disappointments, the Spectre x360’s cohesive design and lack of compromises has been a breath of fresh air.

The Spectre x360 is a 13-inch convertible laptop that sits at the top of HP’s consumer range and starts at $1,049. It hits all the right marks for a great laptop: it’s thin, it’s light, it’s powerful, and it has great battery life. It has a full touchscreen, a great keyboard, a spacious and responsive trackpad, and both traditional USB Type-A and forward-looking USB Type-C ports. On top of all that, it looks great."

(Via.)  HP Spectre x360 review: the best Windows laptop of 2016 - The Verge:

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