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Sunday, November 06, 2016

I have lived the USB-C #donglelife. Here’s what you’re in for - The Verge

"There has been more talk of dongles now that Apple has gone and done it: excised all ports on the new MacBook Pros except one: USB-C. It is good and right to be unhappy that there aren’t any standard USB-A ports, MagSafe, nor SD card slots on these new MacBook Pros. If that gives you serious pause, I am with you and don’t have any easy answers beyond “buy the dongles and deal with them.” Lucky for you, yesterday Apple relented a bit and slashed the prices on many of its adapters.

I have been using USB-C for a year now, on the non-Pro MacBook, so I thought I should share some of my experiences. And I want to tell you that the #donglelife (yes, it’s a hashtag) is not all that horrible for me, day-to-day. That’s in large part because I am smack in the center of Apple’s target market: I don’t need to plug stuff beyond power into my computer all that often, so when I do it’s not too big a hassle to use a dongle. And much to my surprise, I don’t miss MagSafe as much as I expected to. If I were a photographer or video director who needs to use SD cards constantly and who already has a cache of hard drives that require different ports, it might be a different story."

I have lived the USB-C #donglelife. Here’s what you’re in for - The Verge

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