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Saturday, July 30, 2016

MacBook versus Surface Pro 4: Battle of the ultra-lights













"It’s funny, and a little humbling, to realize you’ve been doing it wrong.

I mean, all this time, I was comparing the Surface Pro 4 to Apple’s giant iPad Pro. It made intuitive sense. Both have touch screens, both have detachable keyboards. Both are super thin and light. Both have multi-tasking. But I made a fundamental error. Only one of these systems runs a X86 CPU and offers a file system. One of them, the Surface Pro 4, is a personal computer and one is a powerful mobile system reaching to be the same.  

Honestly, if you’re shopping for an ultra-portable computer, with laptop chops, a desktop OS, applications and all-day battery life, these are probably the two systems you want to consider. And it won’t be an easy choice. Leaving aside the obvious differences in operating systems (which aren’t as big as you think), these two systems compare quite favorably.
To help you decide and for my own personal entertainment, I’ve decided to do a feature-by-feature comparison, focusing in on areas that I think impact ultraportable use the most. I will also try to choose a winner in each category.
This should be fun."




(Via.)  MacBook versus Surface Pro 4: Battle of the ultra-lights:

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