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Sunday, June 19, 2016

​Time for the iPad to grow up - CNET

"I've said this many times already, but the iPad still doesn't get me fully to the point of replacing my computer. I'm starting to guess that's by design -- I guess Apple wants to sell me a $1,300 laptop to supplement my $600-ish tablet. But sooner or later, it needs to. Maybe -- despite Apple's repeateddenials -- that day arrives when the iPad and Mac fuse into some sort of new gadget. Maybe the iPad gets some of these updates down the road.

I say this because the iPad Pro is so close to being something I could use all the time. And it just needs a little more push. Not from hardware. From its software.

Thanks to Mac-to-iOS services like Handoff (which opens links across devices), Airdrop (for sharing files locally) and the iOS 10-enabled Clipboard (for copying and pasting lots of stuff across devices), plus a suite of apps that are increasingly cross-platform, the iPad is getting better at being the tool I'd ideally want. But to take that next leap will need a bigger OS-level visionary jump. It doesn't look like that'll quite happen in iOS 10."

​Time for the iPad to grow up - CNET

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