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Thursday, May 05, 2016

HP Chromebook 13 hands on review | TechRadar

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The Chromebook Pixel just met its first worthy rival that's actually another Chromebook, the HP Chromebook 13. Rather, I should say "frenemy", as HP and Google collaborated quite closely to bring forth one of the most pristine and productive Chromebooks to market.

What you see before you is a 13-inch, full-metal machine packing some serious power and versatility. Driven by Intel's Core m series of processors and not one, but two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt, the laptop can drive up to two Full HD (or one 4K) displays at once.

While Google has made huge headway in the past year or so in making Chromebooks close to 100% viable for the office, HP aims to herald in the sea change with one gorgeous vessel.

HP Chromebook 13 hands on review | TechRadar

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