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Saturday, April 18, 2015

What The Apple Watch Could Be

"Long time Apple watcher Gruber thinks the Apple Watch is very much a watch — if by a watch you mean “a wrist worn glance-able display of status information”, plus to a lesser degree a “signifier” of personal taste and style. Analyst Horace Dediu thinks it’s so much more than a watch — closer to a productivity machine, thanks to its omnipresent, on-body proximity.

“The product has a completely different character. It tries not to do more but to do less. But that which it does is more meaningful, more thoughtful,” Dediu writes in a philosophical dissection of his early experience with the Apple Watch (which even invokes the ‘b’ word: beauty).

“We talk of computing speeds and network feeds but we spend much more time and money to visit people who have little to say and say it slowly. We value charm and wit more than bandwidth and throughput. We are drawn to beauty more than to speed. This is what this computer captures.”

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