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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Google seeks public opinion on 'right to be forgotten' - CNET

"To elicit feedback from the public, Google's new Web form poses several challenging questions aimed at all people affected by the ruling, meaning any citizen of the European Union. Those questions are as follows:

Are there any procedural issues raised by the case (e.g., responsibilities of search engines, data protection authorities, publishers, individuals)?
What is the nature and delineation of a public figure's right to privacy?
How should we differentiate content in the public interest from content that is not?
Does the public have a right to information about the nature, volume, and outcome of removal requests made to search engines?
What is the public's right to information when it comes to reviews of professional or consumer services? Or criminal histories?
Should individuals be able to request removal of links to information published by a government?
Do publishers of content have a right to information about requests to remove it from search?"

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