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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

HTC One Review (M8) | Android Central

The HTC One has done what few phones have done before. A year after its release, it still holds up.
That’s not always the case with a smartphone, and HTC’s had its share of phones that disappointed in the long-term.
The HTC One, however? Still a good buy.
But time is ticking for that original HTC One, also known by its codename, M7. Today, it’s been replaced by a new HTC One.
A sleeker, more powerful, slightly larger HTC One. The M8.
And what’s more — it’s available for purchase today.
The new and original HTC One
The original HTC One was the company’s first major push into an all- (OK, mostly) metal construction, milling out a single block of aluminum for what was a pretty striking phone. But the new HTC One? Downright futuristic. More metal. A more impressive design. A bigger display. And the best software HTC’s ever put together, with HTC Sense 6 and its wealth of features
running atop Android 4.4.2 KitKat.
The new HTC One is, quite simply, the best smartphone HTC has ever made.
But it’s not without a few quirks. Join us as we walk you through the new HTC One, as only Android Central can do.

HTC One Review (M8) | Android Central

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